how to register in and setup automated trading bot?

how to register in and setup automated trading bot?
how to register in and setup automated trading bot?

How to register in and setup automated trading bot?


1: Go to, Select Register from the login menu.


2: You must enter an email and password to register. Check Captcha and Then click on register.



3: An email will now be sent to you to confirm that you must click on verify email address.





4: Select the "my exchanges"  from the "trading"  section in the left menu. and define one exchange and set your api key that you created from your exchange sites (such binance , ftx , kucoin ..)
In the (1) exchange section, select the desired exchange. In the (2) field, enter the api key and api secret that you have already created on the exchange site, and then click on connect an exchange (3).

for ftx if your api key is you subaccount api please fill subaccount section. for some exchanges you need just fill name , api and secret




5:From the menu on the left, select "new bot" from the "Trading" section.

6: Here you can see the status of being off or on and the number of days remaining from the bot charge. You can also use the subscription  to charge the bot.


7: To charge the bot, it is better to charge your wallet first. To do this, select "Wallet" from the menu on the left and then click on "Charge Wallet".


8:  the wallet addresses will be displayed to you. Copy one of them and after payment, enter its TXID or hash address in the box below and click Submit.



9: Go to the "bots" section again from the "trading" in the left menu and select "subscription".



10: select pay by balance. But if you want to charge the bot directly, choose one of our wallet addresses and click send TXID.




11: Click on "Purchase" in the left menu and select "Send payment TXID ".



12: Now turn on the bot to start trading.



13: You can receive 25% of their first deposit as a reward by sending your referral link to others and registering them through this link. Click on Referrals in the left menu to see your referral link.