About Us

About Us
About Us

Botland initially started with the cloud mining system, but due to the problems and low profits of this system, decided to launch an automated crypto currency bot. We started with Binance Exchange and tried different strategies, and finally implemented a step-by-step purchasing strategy, which showed very good results in various tests.

Considering the problems that other crypto currency  auto trading bots around the world have, we designed a bot that facilitates the work of users and the user can use the bot services only by making basic settings and without the need for basic knowledge about cryptocurrency. Our team plans to add more exchanges soon to increase user satisfaction.

Also, new currencies will be added to the bot's trading capability soon. The botland auto trader bot will cover almost all pairs of BTC and tether currencies, but in the current situation, the botland auto trader bot is focused only on a few major currencies in the market, but in the future it may reach ten currencies.

Our strategy is to use currencies for trading that are in very good condition and have very good support. For this reason, considering that the bot has the ability to trade most pairs of currencies available in Bainance Exchange, but we have selected only a few currencies. Another reason is that the use of unsupported tokens with a very low market cap has a high risk that will jeopardize the users' capital and we do not use these tokens in any way.

The bot's monthly profit has been between 5 and 40 percent, but this depends on market conditions and fluctuations, and will have a significant profit for users due to the annual compound profit.

We are always upgrading the auto trader bot and will add new features to the bot, such as auto cancellation as well as trailing buy.


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