I want to disable the bot, but the status field is not turned off.

This problem is due to your browser cache. You must clear your browser cache. To do this, use the Alt+F5 key combination in the Google Chrome browser when the botland site is open.

Does your bot support other exchanges? How do I connect them to my account?

We are currently focusing on FTX Exchange. We may add other exchanges in the future.

What percentage of capital does the bot trade?

It all depends on market conditions and bot type. The more it fluctuates, the more the botland auto trading bot buys step by step and invests more capital.

Can I have multiple bots with one account in FTX? For example, botland bot and another foreign bot

Yes, but we do not recommend it. As a precaution, it is best to have a separate account for each bot.

How to trust botland auto trader bot and put a lot of money into it?

Because botland auto trader bot focuses on large, high-capital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin, and these currencies are trending upward, all of their falls are temporary, and because we have disabled Stop Loss, there is no need to worry.

If I do not recharge the bot, will the bot complete its purchases or leave the purchases open after the charge is completed?

In this case, the botland crypto trader bot does not place a new order, but it has placed sale order in the limit format, if the price reaches the desired price, it will be automatically sold by the exchange itself.

Is it possible to buy several months or annually?

Yes, any amount you pay more than the monthly charge will be added to your account charge.

Is it possible to charge the bot before the next month?

Yes, you can charge the botland trading bot whenever you want.

Can the bot cause me to lose?

If the loss is meant to buy at high prices and sell at low prices, I have to say no. Therefore, when the price reaches the desired number, it is automatically sold by the exchange. On the other hand, we disabled Stop Loss so that we do not get caught by whale attacks. Focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum, the world's first two ever-growing currencies. So you do not have to worry about your capital. Of course, your inventory may decrease due to a gradual purchase in a period of time, but this will be temporary.

How can I not pay the fee when transferring the bot charge?

If you choose our wallet address TRC 20 at the time of transfer, the transfer fee will be minimum.

What currency should I have in my account to start a trading bot?

In general, when transactions are based on Bitcoin pairs, you should have a bitcoin balance, and when it is based on more currency pairs, you should have thther in your account. Currently trading is based on Bitcoin pairs, but in the future we will add tether pairs.

Do I need to turn off the bot in bearish markets?

We do not recommend this at all. Because most bot trades are profitable in downfalls. It makes a profit by buying step by step and on time and placing a sales order. So please do not turn off the botland auto trader bot.

What is your plan to reduce the fees?

First, we do all transactions on a limit basis. And second, there will always be some BNB in your account that is used to pay the transaction fee. so we will have a 25% reduction in commission.

Is the bot aiming to increase Tether or Bitcoin?

Currently, the botland trader bot trades on the basis of bitcoin coin pairs, which means that its goal is to increase bitcoins, but in the future we will also add Tether currency pairs.

Why does the bot only trade few pairs?

To reduce the cost of trading fees, transactions must be done on a limit basis.

On the other hand, the botland auto trading bot trades for a large number of people, so a currency must be chosen that has many traders and also has a large market cap that accepts when the bot sends buy orders to a large number of people.

On the other hand, currencies that have strange growths, such as Doge coin, can also have sharp falls because they are light. We disabled Stop Loss so we don't have to worry about temporary, rapid falls that whales do.

So we have to choose currencies that have so much capital that they do not fall more than a certain limit. For example, we know that it is very difficult for Bitcoin to reach less than 13000 $ or 20000 $ and Ethereum to reach less than 650 $ Or Bainance coin will experience a huge fall, so these numbers In a way, they play the role of stop-loss.

But we do not have much money from other currencies and they are unlikely to support these three. And the third point is whether the changes of these three currencies are small? Bitcoin has changed 1800% in the last year. We are currently focusing on these three currencies to have predictable and low risk profits.

Is it possible for my capital to be zero?

No, because The botland auto trading bot can trade all pairs of USDT currencies. However, one of the reasons we only focus on Ethereum، Bitcoin and binance coin is to have a solid, albeit small, permanent profit. We all know that these three currencies, Bitcoin, Atrium and Bainance coins, are the top three currencies in the world with a capital of more than  200  billion dollars. So it is reversible even with a sharp fall.

On the other hand, one of the issues in digital currencies is the decrease in inventory due to stop-loss, which after several tests and experiments, we came to the conclusion that instead of stop-loss, the focus is on large currencies that can predict their future. For example, bitcoin is very unlikely to fall below $ 20,000, and less than $ 13,000 is almost zero because all miners are shut down, so these two values ​​are in the role of stop loss. In the future, we plan to add the top ten currencies in the world.

 On the other hand, the botland auto trader bot constantly increases the amount of inventory by constantly fluctuating, so if it has a loss, the inventory currency will decrease by as much as fifty percent from the last price. The price of Ethereum is about $ 1,600. Now, if Ethereum drops 50 percent to $ 800, our inventory will be reduced by twenty-five percent, to $ 375, which is a little less than $ 390. Now the bot is set to If Ethereum moves upwards, ie from $ 800 upwards in any number that fluctuates, it still benefits from the fluctuation of that range, and on the other hand, because it bought the inventory in steps at the time of the fall, all orders are closed in return And it benefits. This time, if Ethereum reaches $ 1,600 again, and if all profits are 3%, your balance is $ 515 instead of $ 500, so you do not have to worry about losing your capital.

What is the guarantee that the bot will benefit us every day?

No trader in the world guarantees that his trade makes 100% profit. The task of botland auotomatic bot is to profit from the fluctuations of market. The more fluctuations the more profit. If the market is constantly fluctuating, it trades and all orders are placed in a limit mode instead of the market, which has a lower fee. So there is no problem in this regard. The amount of profits is also significant, which is much more than the commission, and we will see a permanent profit.

If I increase or decrease my capital over time, do I have to do anything special to get the new capital bot to trade?

No. The bot checks your balance every time it wants to make a purchase and divides and trades based on the number of parts we have specified.

What is the guarantee about the security of the bot?

Bots do not have access to withdrawals by default, they can only trade. Access is determined by the account holder when create binance API. so by default withdrawal is not enable.

Does the bot trade in the futures section of exchange?

In our opinion no, futures are not needed at all and it is very risky and same gambling. When Bitcoin changed 1,800 percent last year alone, you think we need to test a very difficult path like futures. ? In my opinion, no

In addition, many of the things that are done in Futures can be done by the botland auto trader bot in the spot section. For example, suppose Bitcoin is now $ 30000. You define in Futures that if the price of Bitcoin reaches $ 35,000, it will buy $ 100 and sell at $ 36,000. This can be done with the current bot. It automatically buys when it reaches these numbers and places the sales order on the desired profit.

Can I withdraw money whenever I want?

Yes. It is enough to disable the bot, the amount you want to withdraw, then activate the bot. To withdraw other currencies, you do so at a loss. Because the sell order has been placed, so we suggest you do not withdraw as much as possible, but if you have to cancel the orders related to that currency, then it is better to convert it into a Tether to reduce the transaction cost, then transfer and then turn on the bot .

Does the auto trader bot cancel the rest of the orders?

No. The botland trader bot looks at the balance of your Tether and bitcoin. Based on the Bitcoin or Tether balance of your account, if the purchase conditions are met, it will convert some of your Bitcoins or Tether into Binance Coin or Ethereum based on the specified coin pair.

Why did you disable Stop Loss?

for some reasons. The most important reason for the experience we gained during this period is that all types of stop-loss, whether fixed or mechanical, are severely disadvantaged in digital currencies. For this reason, we focused on the two currencies, ethereum and Bitcoin, which have high capital, so the maximum drop that can be imagined is fifty percent, so the bot divides the bitcoin inventory into forty parts that can take advantage of fluctuations in falling intervals of one hundred to fifty percent. Therefore, in the fall, the robot trades every distance that the currency is placed, ie from 100 to 50% of that part. And the more severe the fall, the higher the profit. In general, the robot is oscillating. The more severe the oscillation, the higher the profit.

Does raising capital affect the bot's higher profits?

If your capital is above  450 $, the profit percentage is almost the same. That is, if two people start at the same time, one with 1000 $ and the other with 2000 $, if the first person earns 20% profit per month, the second is about the same, because the bot divides the capital into some parts, and when From 450 $, the profit percentage does not matter much.

Does the computer need to be turned on during the day?

No. The botland auto trading bot is web-based and you do not need to turn on the computer.

How can I transfer Tether without paying a fee?

You must have Tether or Bitcoin in your Binance account. When you want to transfer Tether, you must choose our TRC20 address to pay so that your transfer fee is minimum.

How to charge my wallet?

You can request to withdraw your balance in two ways. One method is to transfer through digital currency wallets such as Bitcoin and tether of various digital currency exchanges

This method includes exchange fees

We have defined an internal wallet address for when users want to transfer from their own balance to another. This is for botland.io and starts with dss

You can pay bot  costs from your own balance.

How can I contact Support team?

We consider some ways to contact us

please click on contact us section 


What should I do to recover my password?

• Go to section LOGIN. • Click on the 'Forgot Password?' link. • Enter your e-mail address registered. • visit your email and check emails received from our website. All instruction is noted.

How do I change my account?

You can update your account information in your personal account (Dashboard › My Account section - Settings).

where can i obtain binance api key?

This is so easy. Please click Binance API key. Everything is fully explained.


How do I view my affiliates and referral incomes?

You can view affiliates and referral bonus in your personal account (Dashboard › Affiliate).

How do I get my Referral Link?

Your referral link is in your personal account (Dashboard › Affiliate).

How does the Affiliate Program (referral) work?

Botland offers a Affiliate Program to increase your earnings. Each registered user of your referral link automatically becomes a affiliate. You will receive a 25% referral bonus for the first purchase made by any of your affiliates. This bonus is automatically added to your botland account balance after confirmation of purchase. For more information, please check in your personal account (Dashboard › Affiliate).

What is withdrawal speed?

Transaction will be processed automatically after confirmations within the Blockchain network. This can take a few minutes or hours. We cannot influence the speed of these confirmations.

How can I set or change wallet address ?

You can set or change the Bitcoin wallet address in your personal account (SETTINGS › Bitcoin Address). then test it

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount on the DSS Miner site varies depending on the circumstances. Usually we set this value to 0.0005 BTC.

What is the daily income of the bot?

the bot is not like a bank that pays daily profits.the bot revenue is entirely related to market fluctuations. This is not a fixed number, but we have earned up to 50% per month and even more. The market may be declining for a while, so you should look at a quarter or even longer.

When paying, Binance asks me to transfer at least 20 usdt while the bot costs 14 usdt.

No problem, you can charge your account for 20 usdt. The bot will automatically add to your number of days as much as you overcharged.

How can I view my Balance?

You can view the balance in your personal account (DASHBOARD › Account Overview section).

How can I temporarily disable the bot?

Log in to your account in botland site. From the trading section in the left menu, select the bots and then set the status to off.

What is the minimum amount of capital to start trading?

The botland auto trader bot can trade in small quantities, but it is better to have  minimum 450 $ in your account for better performance and gradual purchase.

Can it be traded manually at the same time?

Yes, you can place orders manually, but you should not cancel bot orders. We do not recommend this. You better consider a dedicated Binance account for the bot.

I paid for the bot but the it was not activated.

After payment, you must enter the payment TXID in the purchase section or in the subscription section after pay. Usually, txid is emailed by the exchange after payment. This means that it is easy to find txid. You can easily find it. If you pay from wallets that do not have a TXID, send us your hash address, which is usually in the payment link. If you are unable to find the hash address, send us a ticket to guide you.

How much does a robot cost?

The cost of the bot will vary. At the time of payment on the site, which is monthly, the cost of the bot is determined. It is currently 14 $.

I bought the bot one day, but it has not made any deal yet.

Log in to your account. From the trading section in the left menu, select the bots and then click on the log. The page that opens shows the problem of your bot. Your API may have a problem or you may not be allowed to trade. Please check that the trading option is checked.