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You are probably one of those people who are active in the field of trading. To trade, you must have good knowledge, otherwise you will easily lose all your capital. For trading, especially digital currency trading, you must know both the technical analysis of the desired currency and fundamental analysis.As well as the character of the trader who dominates his own senses

You may be great at technical analysis, but all the news that affects the price of digital currency that you can not predict, so you will definitely lose in many trades

On the other hand, for trading, you have to spend a lot of time to check the currency situation, apply buying and selling orders, and monitor the status of completed trades.

Manual trading is a job that tires the trader and creates mental conflict and stress

So many people are trying to escape this situation and are looking for an automated system to make things easier. This automated system is called a bot.

bots, as we have explained in other articles on this site, are connected to an exchange through an API, and using artificial intelligence, they can do most of the work done in manual trading, even with less error, faster, and more accurately.

Another advantage of bots is that they can do automatic trading 24 hours a day without fatigue, and one of the capabilities is one of the main advantages of bots. Because in many cases, due to lack of time or fatigue or travel and interruption of your Internet, you may not have trading conditions, so bots can easily do this for you.

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