Coin auto trader


Coin auto trader

Welcome to Coins are available in two types: digital and Fiat. Fiat currencies are not suitable for high trading due to their very small changes. This is being done in Forex. Many people who were previously active in Forex have moved to digital currencies. This is due to the large changes in these currencies, and those who are active in trading benefit from these changes and fluctuate.


There are two basic ways to trade digital currencies:

  •  Man-made trading method
  • Automated trading method performed by a computer


In the automatic trading method, they use the artificial intelligence system, that is, all the operations that are performed in the form of manual trading are turned into computer programs, and the computer program replaces humans . These programs are called bots. bots have many advantages, including


  •  saving time
  •  Save money
  •  Reduce the risk of capital loss due to fluctuations in the digital currency market
  •  Trade 24 hours a day without fatigue
  •  Not being influenced by emotions
  • No need for trading knowledge and expertise


For example, many people get emotional in trading and it makes them buy or sell out of emotion that bots can prevent you from losing.

bots will be a great alternative to human trading if they are written according to a proper algorithm and have less software error .

Some bots are single currency and some are multi currency. Some work in spot mode and some in futures and margins


As we have mentioned in the articles section of the site, there are many cases in this regard. bots are usually connected to the exchange in question through the api.

We offer botland digital currency automatic trading bot that operates in Binance exchange. You can read the description of this bot in the pages section of this site.


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