Binance auto trading bot windows based and web based


Binance auto  trading bot windows and web based 

Welcome to As in the articles section of this site, we talked a lot about  trading bot windows and posted articles that Binance site has facilities for automated trading, which is in the form of an API and has two versions, one is sapi and the other is wapi, which is the newer version of sapi. Through the api, almost all the things you can do in manual trading can be done, ie displaying the ballance of all currencies, as well as the current price of all currencies, candle lists of currencies, ie the history of currency prices in different timeframes, ordering buy and sell in Market and Limit formats, Trading History,  And other facilities 

we prefer you use web based  auto trading bot instead of windows based  auto trading bot .

So through these features, you can trade automatically in Binance , which is called bot. If the bots are programmed properly, you will have a 24-hour automated system with very fast response. These robots are usually designed in two types: web based and Windows based. In the Windows version, as we explained earlier, the program is installed on the system and performs trades. We explained that the web version is much better than the Windows version because you have to be on the web version of your system 24 hours a day or you have to have a virtual server that has two main problems:


One problem is IP blocking because of the large number Request to Binance

 the second system shutdown problem that you should check to turn on automatically when the virtual server of this system turns on


We prefer the robot to be on the web and we designed the botland robot based on this system to be very simple and convenient. So you only need a basic setup and you will not need a virtual server for the robot. You can find more details about this robot on the Internet look

botland is  web based auto trading bot  .as we mentioned that bots are in two format :windows based and web based 

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