Auto trade bot binance ( automated trading bot binance)


auto trade bot binance

Hello dear visitor of As you know, binance Digital Currency Exchange, which is the largest and most up-to-date digital currency exchange in the world, like many other digital currency exchanges, has automatic trading facilities. Bots need an api to communicate with Binance Exchange, which is provided by the Binance site. binance has two types of api wapi and sapi, which is more serious sapi, and wapi is out of service according to the latest binance announcement. bot programmers must be able to order and run automated trading using API parameters.

binance bots are some web-based and some Windows-based

As we said in the articles on this site, web-based bots are better than Windows-based bots, which you can read about in the articles section.

 automated trading bot binance is in two format windows based and web based

Why automated bots can be so much better than manual trading?


Access your account only through the api without permission

 Very easy to use (you only provide the api to the bot)

 Convert some of the balance into binance currency to reduce binance fee

 No need for trading knowledge

 saving time

Save money

Reduce the risk of capital loss due to fluctuations in the digital currency market

Trade 24 hours a day without fatigue

Not being influenced by emotions

No need for special hardware

No need to spend a lot of initial costs

High speed in times of market changes

No need to have trading knowledge

Has autopilot capability (automatic trading without the need for strategy or settings on the part of the user)

Ability to connect to binance exchange via api

Very low risk

The bot is not wrong

No stress and worry


Many bots have been designed in the world that the botland bot has interested people due to its simplicity in use and being on the web, and multi-currency, as well as its low cost and good support, and has achieved a very good level of satisfaction. Please refer to the pages section of this site


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