Auto trade bot


Auto trade bot

Hello . Welcome to botland. At this site we focus more on the automated trading system. This site is one of the service providers of binance automated trading bot , in which digital currencies are traded automatically. Andicators and oscillators tell when  buy or sell the currency. How accurate these indicators are, the bot can act accurately. Of course, it also depends on the speed of the server on which the bot is installed. As in the case of web and bots Windows, we talked a lot on this site and posted that if the bots are on the web, your work is easy and you do not need to buy a virtual server or your computer does not need to be turned on all the time and only an initial setting is needed and then you worry about shutting down You will not have your own system. Windows systems have a big problem that if your system is a vps because your IP is fixed and you constantly send requests to the exchange site via the API, this will cause your IP to be blocked and you should have this problem with a system. But in web systems this problem is solved and you do not risk blocking the IP.

Another problem with Windows systems is that if your system may shut down for any reason, you lose contact with the exchange. So it is better to use web based systems that botland bot is like this

If you do research on bots, you will find that many bots have a high risk of investment, but we can predict that the botland bot atleast  will quadruple your inventory per year, because other bots are digital currencies and We are not very familiar with Forex, we can not comment on them.

If you have been using botland bot for the last few months, we suggest you send us your comment at the bottom of this article.

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